Shazam, Apple’s music discovery app and service, today acquired a new set of concert features designed to make it easier for users to identify and explore upcoming live music shows.

Shazam parties
When Shazaming a song, searching for it in the Shazam app, or searching for it on the Shazam website, users will now see concert information and available ticket details for upcoming shows located nearby. Apple says this will help increase exposure for artists.

Shazam users can also open an artist page to find dates, times, and locations for upcoming live shows, or tap on any concert to view additional tour information. With the resurgence of live music, Apple Music and Beats Vice President Oliver Schusser said that Apple is “excited to give Shazam users access to concerts to bring more discoveries to artists.”

The Shazam feature takes advantage of concert information from the Bandsintown event recommendation platform. New concert pages are available in the iOS and Android apps, and artists are about to make their tour information available on Shazam with Bandsintown for Artists.

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