Apple services are down – users can’t access iCloud, iMessage, App Store, and more


App Store, iCloud, and Music seem to be down for now, with our writer Axel Metz reporting that AirDrop doesn’t work with it either.

App store down

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The App Store seems to work for some, but not many. US Editor-in-Chief Lance Ulanoff, for example, can’t get to the store.

It also appears that ApplePay is disabled, so we recommend using a different payment method if one is available.

We just tried syncing photos between iPhone and Mac, and it’s still stuck on the progress bar. So if you are thinking of using iCloud, perform a rain check now.

lay down

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Apple updated its status page with a lot of red, saying, “Users are having a problem with this service. We’re investigating the status and will update it as more information becomes available.”

If you’re having issues with iCloud mail, you’re not going to be alone, because some of us also encounter a “Check Mail” message that stays in place.

Apple Maps down

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Apple Maps is now red on the status page, so if you plan to use it today for some travelers, find an alternative, just in case. below

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If you are using, it may load very slowly, or not load at all. That’s what we’ve seen in the past five minutes.

We’re hearing reports of iMessage crashing in some places, with some having to use green bubbles instead.

While Apple’s status appears as green, we are monitoring it for the time being.

Apple Fitness Plus

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The subscription service, Apple Fitness Plus, has changed to red on the status page – you may be treating the day as a rest/cheat day instead.

Spice Girls Apple Music

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Apple Music seems to be making a slow comeback, with our choice of song playing as expected.

Apple Siri request

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While Siri is working, it appears to be processing requests much slower than usual.

We asked for the weather and it took ten seconds for us to get the result.

Apple status page

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Apple’s status page appears to be showing “issue resolved” with some services now, such as Game Center and iOS Device Activation showing as fixed.

We’ll track this, to see if more services will start showing the same message in green.

Apple status page with problem solved

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Just as we posted the latest update, the Apple status page updated Game Center with “1 Resolved Issue”.

We may see more of these messages start to come to other services on the page.

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This does not seem to apply to employees at Apple Stores around the world, as many have to resort to using paper To fulfill the sale still.

iMessage is down but not anymore

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As expected/hoped, the same message applies to more services, such as iMessage.

Download App Store

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slow recovery

good news. As of 2:39 PM ET, it appears Apple services are slowly coming back to life. In New York, we can report that AppStore downloads are now available and working – albeit slowly.

On the Apple System Status page, many Apple services still show up as “outages”. However, that page was slow to report the outage that Apple customers were already feeling around the world for about 45 minutes. It may take some time to catch up.