Apple Insider Program Confirms New iPhone 14 Pro Design Shock

We already know a lot about Apple’s iPhone 14 lineup — from the radical to the serious. But now a famous Apple insider has confirmed the most shocking change in the new iPhones. 03/19/22: Schemes for her iPhone 14 Also leaked now.

03/21 update below. This post was originally published on March 19

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Investigators at 91Mobile, a site with a history of working with top leakers such as Evan Blass and Steve Hemmerstoffer, have published detailed blueprints of Apple’s flagship iPhone 14 Pro. It’s finally gone, but the replacement will actually be the so-called “i-cutout” – a combination pill + a heavily pierced hole – also called an “i-sore”.

Update 03/21: New information has been broken by popular analyst Ming-Chi Kuo. Industry insider I showed Apple’s decision to give the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Max last year’s 2021 A15 chips is driven by two factors.

First, TSMC – the maker of Apple’s flagship chips – is struggling to produce enough Apple’s next-generation A16 chips to cover all four new iPhone 14 models. Second, Apple hopes that “adopting the 14 and 14 Max at a very affordable price for the A15 can lower cost pressure and create more differentiation for the two 14 Pro models.” And it is this last factor which, I believe, makes the former a happy coincidence. Apple is already looking to widen the gap between its professional and non-professional products.

This has already happened across iPads and MacBooks, with Pros gaining performance and design upgrades. With the iPhone 14 range, this seems a bit extreme, since the iPhone 14 will have the same exterior design and chipset as the iPhone 13, making it the most incremental iPhone upgrade to date. But this will open the way for the iPhone 14 Pro to break through with its new notch design, A16 chipset and expected price hike. This strategy will turn some fans off and it’s a risk, but anyone can pull it off, Apple can.

“iPhone 14 Pro CAD renderings confirm that bathtub grade is fading,” says 91Mobile. “In place, there will be a pill-shaped notch and a small circular cutout right next to it. The cutouts will house the Face ID sensors and the selfie camera. The front has symmetrical bezels at all corners, accommodating the top bezel of the speaker grille.”

And 91 portables were not made there. While its renderings show that the rear design remains identical to the iPhone 13 Pro, we learn that the Lightning port (which was finally replaced by USB-C) and the sim card tray (likely to be scrapped for eSim only) both remain. The site also claims that the new green color of the iPhone 13/13 Pro will be kept in the iPhone 14 lineup, while the screen sizes at 6.1 inches and 6.7 inches remain unchanged.

91 Cellphones also support amazing leaks from earlier this week, with Apple reusing the A15 chipset from the iPhone 13 lineup for iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Max models, with only the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max getting the new A16 Bionic. While it’s undoubtedly controversial, for better or worse, Apple appears determined to widen the gap between professional and non-professional hardware across its entire product portfolio.

91Mobile comments “We should learn more about the iPhone 14 series next week” and the pros are likely to get more expensive, and pricing will be a hot topic on everyone’s lips.


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