Apple event: Watch live on iPhone SE today

Apple has a temporary She closed her online store, which can only mean one thing: It’s almost time for a product launch. later today, Apple is expected to It unveiled several new devices during its first event this year. We look forward to seeing it iPads are fasterAnd the iPhone SE ترقية Upgrade and at least one Mac. Check out CNET’s live blog now for the latest news.

Finally, the Apple event promises to be an interesting start to the company’s annual upgrade cycle, setting the tone for expected phone and computer upgrades later this year.

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What to expect with the upcoming Apple event


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Apple’s online-only event will be today, March 8, at 10AM PT, 1PM EST, 6PM UK, and March 9th 5AM EST. (Prepare your coffee, Australia.)


It’s the eighth of March. It’s time for Apple’s “Peek Performance” event.

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You’ll be able to stream the Apple event live from We’ll also follow up here on CNET – you can watch in the player at the top of this page – where you can get all the details as well as our expert analysis as the event unfolds.

Products to expect: iPhone SE 3, new iPads, and Macs

Every year Apple unveils a bunch of hardware and software upgrades, and 2022 is expected to be no different. Although the next Apple event is scheduled for tomorrow, many of the company’s products may not be presented until later this year. In fact, Bloomberg reported in January that Apple may boast “The largest collection of new hardware products in its history” In the fall.

Here’s everything we can expect (or hope) to get from Apple in 2022.

iPhone SE 3

Apple introduced the refurbished iPhone SE in the spring of 2020, but last year the small iPhone was just missing out. Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo expects Apple may be working on two iPhone SE modelsone for 2022 and one for 2023. 2022 iPhone SE 3 may arrive in March With 3 GB of memory, while the 2023 model is expected to have 4 GB of memory and a larger screen, according to the analyst. The phone is said to have an LCD screen, 5G supportOld design and Face ID too.

If you can’t wait until later this year to get the new iPhone SE, check out CNET’s review of the 2020 iPhone SE — and Here’s how it compares to the rumored iPhone SE 3. Plus, Does it still make sense to buy an iPhone SE in 2022?

Apple iPhone SE may be updated soon.

GIF by Ashley Jolicor/CNET

The new iPad Pro, iPad Air, and iPad for beginners

Apple plans to Update iPad Pro With a new design and wireless charging support, according to Bloomberg’s Mark Gorman. He expects Apple to be able to upgrade the iPad Air and the entry-level iPad in 2022 as well. The new iPad Air could arrive in this eventalong with the iPhone SE 3.

Fastest Mini Mac

In 2020, Apple unveiled a phone Mac Mini with M1 chip. But now that the tech giant has removed the covers for the M1 Pro and M1 Max processors, when will we see a faster Mac Mini? Gorman speculates that a new, more powerful Mac Mini model may be released in the near future. Versions with Apple’s M1 Pro chipset and the rumored M2 are rumored Debut at the event, or later in May or June.

Waiting in the wings

After the Apple event in March, we expect Apple to announce a series of upgrades this year to its existing lineup of products. What the various rumors don’t seem to agree on is whether Apple will expand into a new product category this year, such as the long-rumored head-mounted displays.

With that in mind, here’s everything else we’ve been waiting for.

Apple mid-range screen

Apple may also be working on an affordable version of it Pro Display XDR, originally released in 2019 for just under $5,000 (not including the $1,000 holder). Bloomberg reported in January that Apple’s cheaper screen was atearly development. ”

iMac, MacBook Air, and 27-inch Mac Pro have been updated

Apple previously announced New iMac powered by M1 processor, but it was only the smaller 24-inch model. Bloomberg reported that Apple is working on processor updates For a 27-inch iMac.

The Mac Pro The MacBook Air may be due to an upgrade. The MacBook Air of 2020 was the first device with an M1 chip from Apple. It is now rumored that the MacBook Air may have a redesign and a new M2 chip this year.

MacBook Pro 2021

Apple launched the new 14- and 16-inch MacBook Pro models, shown above, in 2021.

Dan Ackerman/CNET

iPhone 14

Apple released a file iPhone 13 تشكيلة lineup Last September, the smartphone successor, the iPhone 14, is likely to appear in the fall. iPhone 14 is Rumored to finally give up the bundled screen, and can accommodate Touch ID under the screen. (here All the iPhone 14 rumors we’ve heard so far.)

Apple Watch Series 8

Apple has announced a new version of the popular Apple Watch every year since the original version was launched in 2014. Gurman predicts that Apple could release three new Apple Watch models in 2022 with the new Apple Watch SE, an updated standard version, possibly called Apple Watch Series 8and a more durable model for extreme sports athletes (and people who want to look like extreme athletes).

AirPods Pro 2

Apple could also work on an updated version of AirPods Pro. The first iteration of the high-end earbuds debuted in 2019, and Kuo expects AirPods Pro 2 to be launched in the last quarter of 2022 with a new design and chip.

New devices: Apple AR / VR headset and more

We might see some brand new hardware from Apple, if not this year, then in the future. This includes the possibility Apple competes with the Amazon Echo Show That would combine an entry-level iPad with a speaker, a Speaker equipped with a built-in Apple TV is similar to Roku SpeakersAnd the Apple augmented or virtual reality headsetAnd the apple glasses And the Apple Car.

If you’re looking for more about the latest rumors about Apple, check out CNET’s reports on rumors about iPhone 14And the iPhone SE 3And the Apple Watch 8And the Mac ProAnd the MacBook ProAnd the iMac And the Upcoming iPads. In addition, we will get it foldable iPhone?