A wave of leaks from Asia responsible for Mac Studio, iPad Air 5 and iPhone SE 3 details ahead of Apple’s ‘Peek Performance’ event

Sources based in Asia appear to be the source of many last minute rumors purportedly related to Apple’s “Peek Performance” event today, Mac rumors have been found.

On the Korean Naver blog, user “yeux1122” shared a slew of insights about the hardware expected to be announced at Apple’s “Peek Performance” event later today, including rumors about its “Mac Studio” desktop computer, the fifth generation. iPad Air and the third generation iPhone SE. The account appears to be an aggregator of rumors from industry and supply chain sources rather than the original source itself, but a large number of posts from recent days appear to coincide with rumors presented elsewhere.

Last week, the account shared information about “Mac Studio”, sourced from Weibo (machine translation):

In addition to the new Mac mini and Mac Pro, Apple is said to be working on an all-new Mac studio computer.

The new Mac Studio is based primarily on the Mac mini, but with more powerful hardware. Apple is working on two versions of the Mac Studio: the same M1 Max chip as the 2021 MacBook Pro, and an upgraded version of the Apple Silicon chip that’s more powerful than the current M1 Max chip.

The new Mac Studio’s internal code name appears to be J375. The Mac Studio name may change, but it represents a new category for power users between the Mac mini and Mac Pro.

The branding also coincides with the Apple Studio Display, which Apple says will be the perfect blend for professional work.

last week, 9to5Mac Exclusive information described that Apple was working on a “Mac Studio” that appears to be a hybrid between the Mac Pro and the Mac mini.

9to5Mac He said the device will sit “in addition to” the rumored Mac Mini and Mac Pro, but is primarily based on the Mac Mini. It will obviously have “more powerful hardware” and there are two versions in development. One of the devices will use the same M1 Max chip that was introduced in the 2021 MacBook Pro models, while the other will use a stronger Apple silicon chip than the M1 Max.

9to5Mac He said that Mac Studio is known internally by the codename J375, and while the naming is likely to change, it is aimed at power users and will be sold alongside the 7K “Apple Studio Display” that Apple is also working on.

Earlier today, a Naver account posted about the fifth generation iPad Air, claiming it will feature an M1 chip. After a brief period, 9to5Mac She said she has exclusively learned that the iPad Air will have an M1 chip.

9to5Mac It did not specify the origin of its exclusive information about the Mac Studio and the fifth generation iPad Air, but there appears to be a fairly consistent wave of last-minute rumors coming out of Asia regarding Apple’s expected announcements today.

Naver account “yeux1122” also shared information about the third generation iPhone SE earlier today, claiming it will feature MagSafe, Ceramic Shield, and significantly better battery life. What’s behind the posts on this account, Mac rumors You also see other unverified reports originating in Asia claiming that the fifth generation iPad Air will feature an M1 chip, which aligns with these other reports.

The “yeux1122” account surfaced last year when it was claimed that Apple was planning to release a new iPad mini model with an 8.7-inch screen and chassis featuring a larger width and lower height compared to the fifth generation iPad mini in the second half. in 2021. While the screen size claim wasn’t accurate, with the 6th generation iPad mini actually featuring an 8.3-inch screen, the rumor of the chassis and launch timeframe proved true.

The account has since claimed that Apple’s “iPhone 14” and “iPhone 14 Max” models will have the same bezels as the iPhone 13 lineup, while the “iPhone 14 Pro” and “iPhone 14 Pro Max” will have 8GB of RAM. .

It won’t be long before we know exactly what Apple has in store for its “Peek Performance” event, which begins at 10:00 AM PT today‌. We’ll have in-depth coverage here at MacRumors.com and on our website MacRumorsLive Twitter account.