8 of the best icon packs for your Android launcher in 2022

One of the best things about using Android is that it is highly customizable, knowing that you can always switch up your launcher as well as the icon packs it uses. Of course, there are a plethora of icon packs on the Play Store to choose from, so it’s hard to know which ones are worth exploring. This is why the AP has compiled a list of token packages, cream of the crop, as it were. And like all top AP rounds, the list will constantly grow as we update it with new items, so feel free to shout out your favorites in the comments if you’d like to see something added to the list. So let’s dig. It’s time to start working.

Minimal O – Icon Pack

I don’t know about you, but I’m a big fan of circular icons, especially when there’s a minimal design on the table. After a lot of frustration to see the majority of my Google icons surrounded in white, Minimal O was the perfect choice to replace those ugly icons with something more convenient in keeping with the circular stock theme that Android is famous for. So, if you’re also tired of Google dragging its feet, wondering when its app icons will finally match while looking really fun, why wait, JustNewDesigns has you covered with Minimal O.

There is no shortage of options within the pack, seeing as there are 6450+ icons available, and even if you run an app that doesn’t have an icon in this bundle, there are so many options, you can find something just as close as it is convenient.

liquefaction: $0.99 / No Ads / IAPs From $0.99 – $6.49

Whicons – White Icon Pack

What is a minimal home screen without minimal icons? If you’re the type who requires the simplest of icons to pair with a minimalist home screen, Whicons is an excellent choice, thanks to its white icons. This icon pack works great with dark backgrounds, as well as gradients, keeping your home screen and app drawer clean with no color in the icons to break up the sleek look.

This large Randle icon pack offers 7548 icons as well as some wallpapers. You can safely rely on it since it is backed by regular updates since 2014. It is old but good and for good reason. It is a perfect solid package for the fewest number of users.

liquefaction: free / no ads / IAPs from $0.99 – $11.99


Ombre – Icon Pack

Those who tend to use dark themes, or those who would like their icons to offer rich color, should run out of Ombre. This vivid package delivers deep colors that emanate from the OLED display, with over 4,400 icons in store. Variants of app icons are included, so you can even switch to the theme as per your preference, and the icon pack includes a bunch of wallpapers to get you started on your last customization attempt. Ombre comes from DrumDestroyer Themes, one of the biggest names in the Android icon pack game, so you know you’ll be in good hands if you go with it.

liquefaction: $2.49 / No Ads / IAPs From $1.99 – $19.99

Flat Square Icon Pack

If you are a material design icon user but also looking for a flat pack without shadows or other distractions, Flat Square is one of the highlights of FL Design which offers over 2,900 icons. A large number of launchers are supported, and there are great alternative skins available for the most popular apps. All icons are flat boxes that fit nicely into any Material Design themes, and support is frequent as well, with new icons being added all the time.

In a sense, Flat Square is a fairly minimally designed icon pack that stands out from the crowd with its flat Material Design look, which is exactly why this pack is rated so highly. For a four-year-old group, Flat Square still comes alive.

liquefaction: $1.99 / No Ads / IAPs $2.49 – $49.99

Article Pics You Icons

Of course, why settle for Material Design icons when you can go for something designed around Material You, the newest and coolest design language Google introduced with Android 12. As you’d expect, Pix Material You Icons offers just that, a set of Material You icons for all your favorite apps. Various background colors are supported, along with multiple icon shapes, and of course these icons adapt to your wallpaper, just like any material you should pack (as long as you’re on Android 12).

While the Pix Material You Icons pack is a new release, the app coverage is very good, as well as the support, as updates are so frequent. If you are shooting for Android 12 theme that introduces Material You to a plethora of app icons while Google is still dragging its feet, then Pix Material You Icons is a new app that is easily worth a look.

liquefaction: $1.99 / No Ads / IAPs $0.99 – $9.99

Outline Icons – Icon Pack

There are plenty of icon packs that offer neon layouts, but Outline Icons is the standout thanks to its massive app support with over 8400 icons, and because its icons look great. There is a consistent design language for all the neon set icons, and since more than 32 launchers are supported, this is a pack with some legs as well as longevity, noting that it’s four years old and still gets updates every month.

Alternate colors are available so that you can easily customize to your heart’s content without worrying about supporting dark or light wallpaper. You can also request codes if something is missing, with a fast track available for those willing to pay a little extra.

liquefaction: $1.49 / No Ads / IAPs From $0.99 – $24.99

Black – Black Icon Pack

If the white Whicons icons are not suitable for your minimal needs, maybe the Zwart sister icon pack will float your boat? This is, of course, a black icon pack from Randle, the creator of Whicons, offering the exact opposite of the white one. Black icons are best for light themes and light backgrounds, but like Whicons, there are 7,548 icons included, so the coverage is amazing for your minimal light-related needs.

Zwart may be a bit newer than Whicons seeing as it launched a year later, but it’s still an older icon pack that has stood the test of time, and it probably has a lot to do with its excellent support, with the app being updated several times a month.

liquefaction: free / no ads / IAPs from $0.99 – $11.99

Verticons Icon Pack

When you eventually get tired of the circular symbols, the Verticons wait until you get to the rectangle game. This is an icon pack that offers tall rectangular icons, with 4900+ individual designs covering 6000+ apps. While the unique icon shape is the primary graphic, you also get 80+ HD backgrounds, as well as an ordering tool built right into the app.

The package dates back to 2017, but it still sees updates on a monthly basis. If you’re worried about a long-term lack of updates, don’t worry; Verticons developer SpaceMan is constantly working on all of their packages.

liquefaction: $1.69 / No Ads / IAPs $0.99 – $9.99

Today’s icon pack report is simply the start, a fresh start to list some of AP’s favorite packs, and the tour will be constantly updated with new listings moving forward to greatly expand the list, so feel free to speak in the comments for your favorite recommendation if you’d like to see it added to the list.

Of course, if you are looking for some great launchers to test the above icon packs, but your phone’s stock launcher doesn’t support icons, you can head over to our roundup of the best Android launchers to get a launcher that supports the above icon packs so you can easily test to your heart’s content.

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