6 Reasons Why Your Next iPad Should Be Cellular

A cellular iPad can combine the power of a laptop with smartphone connectivity, and it all comes in an ultra-portable package. iPads have really grown in the past few years. It’s much more than just Netflix devices. Whether you’re using your iPad for fun or for increased productivity, choosing a cellular model lets you turn your tablet into a do-anything and go-anywhere device.

Here are six reasons why your next iPad should be cellular.

1. There are a lot of options available

When it comes to choosing a cellular iPad, there is no shortage of options. A cellular version is available for every iPad model.

Even better, the latest iPad Pro and iPad mini support 5G technology, giving you access to the full speed of the growing 5G network. Unfortunately, the cellular iPad Air is still stuck in 4G for now, although the next product line update may bring 5G to air.

Although fourth-generation iPads can still pack a lot when it comes to data speeds, if you want the fastest speeds available, the best iPad to buy is one of the 5G models.

Keep in mind that the additional capabilities of cellular iPads aren’t free; Cellular iPads cost more. If you’re choosing between an iPad Air or a Wi-Fi-only mobile device, you’ll need to shell out another $130 for the cellular model. If you’re using an iPad Pro, it’s another $200 over the base price. Furthermore, you need to pay for a cellular contract to actually take advantage of this functionality.

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But cellular iPads don’t have to be expensive. If you’re on a budget, older-generation cellular iPads like the iPad mini (5th generation) can get 4G for the same price as the new Wi-Fi-only model.

2. Hotspot is not always your best choice

iPhone hotspots with iPad

If Wi-Fi is not available, you can always connect your iPhone to the Internet by connecting to your phone’s hotspot. An iPhone’s hotspot feature, or tethering, is when you use your phone’s mobile data to connect another device to the Internet. This is a great way to get your iPad connected to the internet at a loss, but it isn’t always a great long-term solution.

While most carriers offer unlimited data plans for phones, when it comes to tethering other devices, they aren’t always that generous. Almost no carriers offer unlimited hotspot data. This is to prevent people from using their mobile data as a home internet connection.

When it comes to data speed, mobile hotspots aren’t always your best option either. Even though 5G on phones can be amazingly fast, you probably won’t get that kind of speed when you plug in. Most cellular providers will reduce the data speed of your hotspot. Even though your iPhone may have a perfect 5G signal, your hotspot may be slowed down to 4G or even 3G speeds.

If you want a fast and reliable connection that you can connect to anywhere, you need a cellular iPad so you don’t need to rely on hotspots at all.

3. Only cellular iPads have GPS

A man looking at a 3D map on the iPad

GPS is one of the most useful features on any smart device. Gone are the days of pulling out giant paper maps and asking strangers for directions.

Doesn’t Tesla have a giant infotainment screen? No problem, get a car mount and put your iPad on the dashboard. iPads can be a great tool for charting directions or planning your next big trip, but only cellular iPads have GPS built in. In Apple’s manufacturing process for the iPad, the GPS unit and the cellular unit are on the same chip. So, if you don’t get a cellular iPad, it also won’t have GPS.

If you have a Wi-Fi-only iPad, you can still use Apple Maps or Google Maps, but you’ll have to rely on Wi-Fi positioning instead of GPS. Although it can detect your general location, Wi-Fi positioning is not as accurate as GPS.

4. Cellular iPads are great for work

The pandemic has changed our lives and work lives forever. Boardroom meetings have become living room meetings, and many former office workers have become full-time digital nomads. If you use your iPad as a productivity device, the integrated data connection can be a huge boost to your workflow.

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If you’re traveling or living somewhere without a good internet connection, a cellular iPad can provide the speed and reliability you need to meet your teammates or download large files.

Cellular connectivity is a great reason to choose an iPad over a traditional laptop. MacBooks are a starting point for many professionals, but there isn’t a MacBook available yet with a cellular data connection. Devices like the cellular iPad Pro blend laptop-level performance with mobile-anywhere data connectivity.

Connecting to a cellular network means you can take your meeting at the coffee shop you love, without having to worry about spotty Wi-Fi. It is a liberating experience.

5. Mobile data is more secure than Wi-Fi

Have you ever been forced to connect to the unsecured and unsecured Wi-Fi network in your hotel? Navigating on networks you don’t trust is like playing Russian roulette with your data. Anytime you connect to a public Wi-Fi, there is always a chance that you have been hacked. Trackers and scammers love to snoop on unsecured networks and steal personal information, passwords, and bank account information.

Although there are services like VPNs that can make using public Wi-Fi more secure, an iPad on a cellular connection bypasses this issue entirely. By choosing a cellular iPad, you will always have the option of connecting to a secure network operated by a nationwide service provider, not someone in a back room.

6. You can take cloud games anywhere

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Built-in cellular connectivity can turn your iPad into a portable gaming powerhouse. With the advent of cloud gaming, the iPad can make the transition from tablet to portable console. Services like Stadia and Xbox Cloud Gaming bring games that were once only playable on consoles or high-end PCs to almost any device connected to the Internet.

While these services are great, they need a strong internet connection to work well. Depending on your location, it can be difficult to find a fast enough and reliable enough connection for cloud gaming. Choosing a cellular iPad, especially one with 5G capabilities, allows you to take your game just about anywhere.

Cellular iPads give you more options

Whether it’s for work or play, the iPad can change the rules of the game. The speed, reliability, and security of cellular connectivity allow you to use your iPad in new ways, and give you peace of mind while doing so.

If you are looking for the best iPads made by Apple, be sure to pick one that is connected to a cellular network.

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