4 reasons why Pixel’s Material You is better than Samsung’s One UI

For years, as fans of Android smartphones, we’ve loved and maybe hated the visual differences between each manufacturer’s user interface (UI) or skin. Although Google develops Android, what consumers see in Pixel phones is something else entirely. With Android 12 and the Pixel 6 series, Google gave us the Material You skin. Samsung also has its own skin, and with the latest version of Android, it reached One UI 4.1.

Google made a significant change to its design language with Material You and it has been mostly well received. On the other hand, Samsung stayed true to its UI style by making very few changes to One UI 4.1 from the design language it started in 2018. The decision to stick with what works isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but is coming. four years old, and Google’s new Material You is helping One UI show its age.