2022 so far: Sony and Moto think differently, Apple and Samsung keep it safe

2022 so far: Sony and Moto think differently, Apple and Samsung keep it safe

So far, it looks like this year is going to be fun. The Samsung Galaxy Note has officially been replaced by Galaxy S22 Ultra, the next iPhone 14 to drop the notch is finally shaping up in favor of cutouts, and it looks like Google’s foldable phone is finally on its way.

But let’s get away from Samsung and Apple for a moment and learn about two of the most underrated smartphone makers, and what they’ll be up to in 2022.

Motorola will challenge the Galaxy S22 Ultra and Note series with its flagship stylus

The The Motorola Edge Plus (2022) is shaping up to be a pleasant surprise. It’s the first Moto flagship phone to come with smart stylus support, and as such, it will directly challenge the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra. Thanks to that, the S22 Ultra stylus comes built in and slots into the phone, so it’s always with you, while the Motorola Edge Plus stylus that you’ll have to buy separately with the case. But besides that, Moto doesn’t seem to be taking any hits – it’s trying to offer an alternative to everything that makes the Samsung Galaxy experience great.

The S22 Ultra has Samsung DeX, which turns the smartphone’s interface into a Windows-like one with windowed apps and a taskbar. All you have to do is connect your flagship Galaxy phone to a bigger screen, get an optional Bluetooth keyboard and mouse, and go with your Samsung phone as if it were a PC!

Well, Moto has developed its own desktop interface that the upcoming Motorola Edge Plus (2022) will have, called Ready For. The name may not have the same ring as Samsung DeX, but it offers pretty much the same basic features that seasoned users will enjoy – windowed apps, taskbar like Windows, desktop…Awesome!

Additionally, the Samsung Note and S22 Ultra now have Air Gestures (also known as Air Actions) support for the S Pen, and surprise – the Moto Phone will also support Air Gestures with the stylus. On Galaxy phones, you can use it to take pictures remotely with the camera using just the stylus, from a distance; You can also control the playback of any music and video, and more.

So Moto obviously doesn’t skimp on adding the kind of flashy powerful user features that Samsung already offers, in order to make its upcoming flagship phone a worthy contender. Of course, the Moto Edge Plus (2022) will also pack key specs, a smooth screen (up to 144Hz, which is a bit more than the 120Hz S22 Ultra), and will be less expensive. When it launches in the US “soon” (we don’t know exactly when), the new Motorola phone will cost $899.99.

So far, Moto has only released budget stylus phones, which come with very basic capacitive styluses, such as Moto G Styles (2021). But it’s clear that in 2022 the company wants to try something bigger. Something (hopefully) to hold in the highly competitive flagship smartphone market.

Sony keeps doing their own thing, trends are damned

Ah Sony. What an underdog, however this is a huge brand and loved by many. a few weeks ago The leaked images of the Sony Xperia 1 IV showed us that even in 2022, Sony continues to resist the trends of the smartphone industry, which is impressive at this point. It looks very powerful “Sony”. what does that mean? Well, it has a boxy design and a flat bezel with symmetrical edges on the top and bottom around the screen. Which also looks flat, as we can see from the leaked images.

The phone will also have a vertical pill-shaped camera array, which most companies have now shied away from. Instead, we see horizontal camera modules (as on the Pixel 6 Pro), square modules (iPhone 13) or in the form of a P (Galaxy S22 Ultra).

There aren’t many flat-edged phones in particular, besides the current iPhones, and as a fan of this design, I’m glad Sony will continue to do its own thing.

Of course, we also expect this phone to have some killer flagship specs. The Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 Plus processor that will be released is likely to be paired with at least 12GB of RAM and of course we can expect a big and beautiful AMOLED display.

Unfortunately, we also have to be prepared for this phone that costs more than $1,000 like The Sony Xperia 1 III did, which we loved, as it’s packed with features for the pro user, but…$1,300. Now there’s a trend I’d like to see Sony walk away from — overpricing its phones.

Meanwhile, Apple released the same iPhone SE…but hey, it’s what’s inside that counts, right?

It’s hard to criticize Apple for releasing the most powerful “budget” phone of 2022 that probably won’t be beat, but I was secretly expecting it would get an updated design, and possibly reuse the iPhone X cover. But unfortunately, to keep it conspicuously separate from the major iPhones, it brought back Apple instead use the 5-year-old iPhone 8 design for the brand new iPhone SE (2022) However, while the recently released and affordable iPhone didn’t surprise us with the recent makeover, it does indeed pack the kind of updated specs that make it The performance outperforms even flagship Android phones, so again – it’s hard to complain.

Apple also has the iPhone 14 series coming towards the end of this year, and by some accounts, the most defining visual change will be the removal of the iconic notch. Instead, Apple may start using holes for the front camera and the Face ID sensor array. It’s not much, but I’ll take it! In addition, of course, there is still time for surprises. stay tuned iPhone 14 leaks and updates!

Samsung released the same Galaxy S series, although the S22 Ultra became a renamed Note

On the other hand, Samsung has retired its uniquely iconic Galaxy Note series, as mentioned earlier – those phones for Android power users that come with a built-in stylus. But as we also mentioned, the new Galaxy S22 Ultra is now basically an Note, so technically the idea lives on under a different name – which is cool! Android power users still have this amazing option.

But unlike the S22 Ultra, Samsung’s 2022 S series doesn’t offer much in terms of changes or surprises. The Galaxy S22 is made of glass, unlike its plastic predecessor, but the design is basically the same, as are its features.

It comes with a secure, predictable add-on processor and a camera upgrade, but nothing to write home about. Screen size and battery size have actually gotten slightly lower compared to last year, while the RAM and screen refresh rate are similar. Verify Galaxy S22 vs Galaxy S21 comparison If you are interested in knowing more about it.

2022 might be the year to try something different that isn’t an iPhone or a Galaxy

So, with all that in mind, this might be the year to try something new and different, if you’re feeling adventurous.

Besides these two upcoming phones from Sony and Moto that we just talked about, we have other great suggestions on our dedicated list with Best Android phones in 2022.

One of my personal favourites, Asus ROG Phone 5 Ultimate still has some of the craziest specs and best dual front speakers, while Google’s Pixel 6 Pro can steal your heart with its unique design and premium (-ish) Google stock Android experience.

Tell us in the comments which upcoming phones you’re excited about in 2022, or the newly released phones that frustrated you. And – let us know if there are any other great smartphone brands that you consider understated, and that deserve some love and attention!