1Password Teams offers easy and secure password management at a fixed monthly price

1Password is an efficient and secure way to store passwords and other important information such as documents, credit cards, and more. 1Password Teams takes this experience to the next level, allowing up to 10 employees to use 1Password.

1Password Teams is available at a fixed monthly price, so workflows and collaboration thrive and productivity soars. Here’s everything you need to know.

1Password keeps businesses safe by protecting the people who work there – By defending the workforce at the individual level, 1Password empowers businesses with greater visibility, control, and peace of mind. It’s available across every platform, including Mac, iPhone, iPad, Windows, Android and more, and combines industry-leading security with award-winning design. Here is some information that you and your employees can easily store in one password:

  • Passwords and logins
  • Safe Notes
  • Medical records
  • Social security number
  • credit cards
  • Driving licenses
  • Software licenses
  • …and much more

Everything you store in 1Password is protected with industry-leading security and accessible via an award-winning design. Your 1Password data is locked behind an account password and secret key:

  • Your account password protects your data on your devices. Only you know your account password: it is not stored alongside your data or transmitted over the network. It protects your data if someone has access to your device.
  • Your secret key protects your data from your devices. Your secret key is generated locally on your device. It is combined with your account password to authenticate you with the 1Password server and encrypt your 1Password data.
  • Remote secure password protects your data in transit. Your 1Password account uses SRP to authenticate your credentials without sending them over the Internet. It also encrypts all traffic sent to the 1Password server.

1Password Teams takes the 1Password experience to the next level for small businesses and teams. For a fixed monthly price, 1Password Teams allows up to 10 employees to store, share, and collaborate on important information. It is an easy and secure password manager for your business.

With 1Password Teams, up to 10 employees get their own individual accounts. Employees can store their login information and other sensitive data and use 1Password apps for Mac, iOS, Windows, Android, Linux and Chrome OS. But where 1Password Teams really shines is in its ability to share information across your company.

Many companies now share and store important data in vulnerable places like spreadsheets, email, and even sticky notes around the office. 1Password Teams protects your sensitive company information. You can manage who has access to the data, create shared vaults that allow you to easily share information across your company, and take advantage of account recovery capabilities as well.

1Password Teams strikes the perfect balance between convenience and security. People – and the companies they work for – should not have to choose between safety and productivity. Users can easily create and store a secure password and login information for websites and services, and when you visit a service or website and need to log in, you can then automatically fill in your information with a single click on all platforms.

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1Password helps simplify your online life by automatically filling in, storing and securing your passwords, personal data, and credit cards.

1Password Teams takes everything you like about 1Password, and lets you publish it to up to 10 employees for a fixed monthly price. For small businesses and teams in all industries, keeping employee and company information secure is critical.

1Password is fast to deploy, easy to manage, and fits seamlessly into your team’s workflow, so you can secure your business without compromising productivity. Safely share everything you need to work together, like logins, documents, credit cards, and more, on all employee devices.

A fixed monthly subscription to 1Password Teams gives you 1Password apps for Mac, iOS, Windows, Android, Linux, and Chrome OS, plus unlimited shared vaults, admin controls, two-factor authentication, and more.

  • Administrator Permissions to view and manage permissions
  • Two-factor authentication for an extra layer of security
  • Duo integration for enterprise-wide multi-factor authentication
  • 24/7 friendly email support
  • 1 GB storage capacity per person
  • 5 guest accounts for limited participation

You can try 1Password Teams for free today, then pay only $19.95 per month from now on. Single accounts start at $3.99 per month and family accounts start at $4.99 per month. Finally, 1Password Business starts at $7.99 per month per user.

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