Xbox Series X UK Restock: How to get a cheap refurbished console

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As Xbox Series X restocking begins to stabilize, we’re starting to see retailers get more inventory than ever before. But, like any other console, some people won’t handle it and return the console if they don’t want to, or if something goes wrong with one of the modules. You just need to look at one of the various Xbox repair videos on YouTube to see that the console has had its fair share of problems, but none are quite as prevalent as the famous Red Ring of Death that plagued the Xbox 360 15 years ago. Regardless, you can get the Xbox Series X back right now in the UK straight from the Microsoft Store.

Refurbished console may be returns from customers and defective units are sent back to Microsoft, re-polished to full working order and then resold. With the Xbox Series X fast approaching two years, Microsoft finally has enough consoles in stock to start selling them separately, which means you’ll be able to get your hands on a console at just under MSRP, while still getting everything you need to practice Games with the latest hardware, with a guarantee from Microsoft that the console works, to boot.

Other companies may also sell refurbished consoles, but you should only trust consoles sold directly from the Microsoft Store. Samuel BatemanThe Xbox Marketing Lead said this about the initiative, which highlights all you can get by restocking the latest Xbox Series X UK.