Windows 11 Insider dev release reveals video editor and new features

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Premiere Pro not up to snuff? Longing for the days of Windows Movie Maker with its iconic deep blue background and choppy transitions? Well, Microsoft is adding a bunch of new features in its latest internal preview build. Since Microsoft’s built-in video editor in Windows 11 isn’t quite ready to scratch, Microsoft has worked hard at making another of those acquisitions we’re still hearing about, but this time they’ve purchased Clipchamp, a browser-based app that lets you get up close and personal with us. And the personality of the content you’re cutting. In addition to this, Microsoft has also made a number of improvements to other areas of the operating system as well.

Clipchamp Video Editor

The app allows you to cut, split, move your desktop and even record your desktop screen to make life a little easier if you aren’t dedicated enough to use a paid solution like Premiere. Apple has always been the king of unofficial video editors, but Microsoft, insisting not to be left behind, will now include Clipchamp in its list of default Windows 11 apps. As it uses intuitive features like multi-track audio, Azure-powered text-to-speech solution and more, it allows you to get the most out of your videos, and edit them like a pro.

That’s huge, given that Microsoft has always fallen behind its competitors, particularly Apple, when it comes to creative packaged software, there’s a good reason so many designs are turning to the Mac, and prepackaged software is a big part of that. Windows will never be what macOS is, but they are looking to be somewhat equal, especially now that content creation for different platforms is widely used among most people, rather than being limited to professionals. Not only is this a good thing for Microsoft, but it’s also useful for any budding creatives who might want to try something that looks and feels like a traditional video editor, without having to actually commit to using one, or going out for a hefty subscription.

Clipchamp may have some monetization elements built into it, which may undermine its use when it comes to people looking for a bit more than they get. Many regular users will simply tweak the apps they can find on their phone, rather than choosing to move the snapshots to their desktop and edit them from there. So, it’s an odd space for Chipchamp, but having Microsoft’s “inbox” of pre-installed apps will undoubtedly do wonders for user numbers, and possibly their revenue, if enough people find Chipchamp actually useful.

Search improvements

But, that’s not all about the new feature set from Microsoft coming to Windows 11, it’s also changing the search functionality, allowing you to see more features and files, synced with your calendar. This is great news for those who use Microsoft’s suite of apps and utilities, but for the rest of us, it’s pretty much unnecessary.

With these changes starting to roll out to users over a number of months, depending on their location, you can expect to see more features of Windows 11 as the operating system matures. Microsoft may have lifted the lid on this a bit early on, but you can expect them to deliver constant OS updates that give us some funky new functionality as they mature into the “default” OS for most new users looking to build a new system.

Unfortunately, this free part of the search can also give Microsoft the opportunity to sell ads or ad space in general, and hopefully Microsoft will actually give users less intrusive ads or even no ads at all. This is a major interstitial ad site, tucked away in a place that many users would not even think of finding. But, it can be used in a useful way, offering content relevant to a user’s settings or history, if Microsoft grants access to those things.

If they use these search functions to see what apps you have opened, like the Xbox app for example, it will show you an ad for a new addition to Xbox Game Pass, that’s pretty perfect and a harmless ad. But, if instead we start seeing ads for a new set of speakers, or some kind of VPN, that basically acts as a kind of display ad, we’ll be less impressed. Regardless, these features will be tweaked and changed as they come out, so we’d like to see some kind of experimentation when it comes to these new changes in Windows 11.

File Explorer changes

One of the most useful things about the recent Windows 11 update is the fact that you’ll now be able to get a tabbed copy of File Explorer again, so you don’t have to mess with going through dozens of windows searching for that single file, you’re already looking to copy it somewhere. This is one of the major improvements in quality of life that you shouldn’t turn your nose up at, because such a small change can make a huge difference when it comes to making this OS work well for you, gradually increasing adoption among enthusiasts as well as the general public.

There’s also a large list of improvements to be found if you look for it in the form of various bug fixes and stability changes, but regardless, it’s great to see Microsoft constantly looking to improve the operating system, making improvements and hopefully seeing fruition once again being forced into the base. Users basically have to exit Windows 11 to join them. If you’re looking to upgrade to Windows 11, now might be one of the best times to do so, as you’ll be able to try out these flashy new updates as they roll out to all users. Though, you may have to put up with more than a few teething issues because the operating system is still basically in its infancy.

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