The tragic state of building computers in 2021

A shortage of hardware components. We’ve been here before. Unfortunately, the lack of high-performance components has been a very common problem in the past half-decade, although it hasn’t been quite as pronounced or as widespread as the one that PC gamers face today. Over the past year, we’ve seen “Out of Stock” or “Subscribe for Inventory Notifications” plastered on store pages for graphics cards, CPUs, PSUs, and even gaming mice.

The reason for the shortage of PC components today is multifaceted. Perhaps the root cause of all this was the Corona virus, which undoubtedly affected the production of the most demanded components today. Factories halted production in early 2020 and are still largely catching up today. However, we must not ignore what has only exacerbated the supply problems: bots and cryptocurrency mining continue to make things worse for your average computer builder.