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SteelSeries headphones are among the most coveted gaming headsets in the PC gaming community. They cater to all budgets, platforms, and connectivity needs. SteelSeries was born in 2001, originally called “Soft Trading”, and began producing mouse pads. After some smart investments and acquisitions, the company has seen a massive rise to eventually become one of the most successful gaming peripheral companies.

SteelSeries headphones are one of the most respected categories in the SteelSeries family of products, which also includes gaming keyboards, mice, and controllers. Arctis’ line of gaming headphones covers every step of the pricing range, from budgets under $50, all the way to incredible prices over $300. Let’s take a closer look and see which headset from SteelSeries suits you best.

Why buy a SteelSeries headphone?

Over the past few years, SteelSeries headphones have earned a reputation for quality, performance, and comfort. Not to mention the many esports endorsements and partnerships with some of the biggest players in gaming, such as Valve, EA and Blizzard Entertainment. We’ve reviewed quite a few SteelSeries headphones here at WePC and they have reliably impressed us so we can totally recommend them as a gaming headphone brand in general. But which SteelSeries headphone is best for you?

Which SteelSeries Headphone Should You Buy?

As with any gaming terminal purchase, it generally comes down to two factors: price and features. As mentioned earlier, SteelSeries headphones cover all price ranges, and the features of each headset are generally in line with the price. The lineup includes a lot of headphones with different features, let’s get into them.

SteelSeries Arctis 7+

But what if you don’t have more than $300 to spend on a headset, but still want convenience, quality, and reliable wireless connectivity, the Arctis 7+ might be your best bet. With the same 40mm neodymium drivers as the Arctis Pro, you’ll get the same sound quality, and similar wireless performance, for about half the price of the Arctis Pro.