Steam Deck is the best budget gaming PC you can buy*

You can’t even buy a decent graphics card for the Steam Deck price. That’s the state of PC gaming in 2022; a hobby with such an expensive entry requirement right now that those with no serious disposable income need not apply. Even if you could find a PC for the same price as Valve’s new handheld, I can guarantee it wouldn’t come with a discrete GPU today, and I can also guarantee you’d be sorely disappointed trying to play any game on this side. from 2006.

But Steam Deck will even play Elden Ring at a decent pace, as well as anything I can play that PC port stuttering at the moment, and have had impressive gaming performance in almost every game I’ve thrown at it. Sure, you have to be a bit sparing with the graphics settings, maybe give it a frame rate cap if you want something like playable battery life, and it only runs at 1280 x 800, but it’s a gaming PC. who can play and be yours for only $529.