Samsung Ark Screen: Release Date, Specifications, and Pricing

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Samsung is on the cusp of releasing one of its boldest displays this year, featuring an unprecedented 55-inch 1000R curved display. The futuristic-looking monitor has been coined as Samsung Ark and will be on shelves with all the features and benefits needed to become one of the leading gaming (and productivity) monitors on the market.

Samsung’s new all-purpose panel will deliver stunning picture quality thanks to the mini LED backlight technology at its center. Moreover, with its 4K screen resolution and striking portrait orientation, the Samsung Ark truly looks like the future of modern displays.

Unfortunately, at the time of writing, there isn’t much information available regarding release dates, pricing, or specifications. However, new information is emerging every day and we will be constantly updating this page with the latest Samsung Ark announcements.

Samsung Odyssey Ark: Release date (what we know so far)

At the time of writing, there is not a great deal of information regarding the Samsung Odyssey Ark release date. However, insiders are beginning to speculate on potential release dates that could see new territory for high-end screens sometime this year.

As mentioned earlier, Samsung officially unveiled the Samsung Ark back in January at this year’s CES – which means the chances of a 2022 release are incredibly high. Furthermore, with the likes of LG and ASUS releasing similarly large OLED panels this summer, we like to think that Samsung planned to integrate its Ark version around a similar time.

Of course, this is all speculation at this point, however, we’ll keep you updated on the latest Samsung Ark release dates here.

Samsung Odyssey Ark: Specifications

On the surface, the Samsung Odyssey Ark might look more like a productivity monitor than a solid gaming monitor – however, that’s where your assumption would be wrong. The Samsung Ark is part of the brand’s impressive Odyssey lineup and will feature “Odyssey level” specs.

From a productivity standpoint, you can’t really hit this screen at all. It’ll feature a high-performance Quantum Mini LED panel – not to be confused with the latest QD-OLED technology – which should deliver stunning colours, high brightness, excellent local dimming, and HDR performance. Even better, the Samsung Odyssey Ark will also feature a 165Hz refresh rate, low 1ms response time, and VRR technology for both the FreeSync and G-Sync systems. Of course, we’ll take pixel response time with a pinch of salt as panels rarely live up to the marketed response time rating — especially the big screen options in today’s market.

The Ark will feature an aspect ratio of 16:9 and Possible HDMI 2.1 Support – With most modern boards featuring the latest HDMI stand. It has not been confirmed whether it will have the same 48Gbps bandwidth of the LG C2, however, if so, it will be great for both PS5 and Xbox Series X gamers.

As always, as soon as the full specs list is available, we will update this article with all the details.

SAmsung Odyssey Ark Landscape

Samsung Odyssey Ark: Possible price

Again, we don’t have an exact price for the Samsung Odyssey Ark, however, we can speculate on the price of this high-end gaming monitor from some of the other Samsung Mini LED panels already on the market today.

If we take the Samsung Odyssey Neo G9 as a prime example, the Ark could sell for north of $2,500 – yes, that’s 2. The Neo G9 offers slightly better specs but doesn’t come with the same massive 55-inch screen size – which means the Ark may be more expensive than the Samsung Odyssey Neo G9. The current motherboard for Samsung.

Unfortunately, 2022 appears to be the year of the “expensive” gaming monitor. Lots of new technologies have been released this year and pricing will naturally reflect increased performance.

Keep an eye on our best screen guides this year as they are likely to change within the next couple of months. If you are considering building a new board, it may be worth waiting to see what options are available in the latter half of the year.