Poly Headphones: A Buyer’s Guide

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Poly headphones, formerly known as “Plantronics headphones”, enjoyed great popularity in the company’s office area for peripherals. Offer products designed for professional use in work environments. Poly headphones cover a range of price and feature sets, which means Poly is an excellent resource no matter the budget or the specifics of the work environment. While we tend to stick with gaming headphones and other peripherals here at WePC, it’s worth taking a look at the business side of things here and there, so let’s take a closer look at their wide range of multiple headphones and give you our pick for each of their product categories.

Poly headphones – bluetooth

One of the easiest ways to maximize device compatibility is to use an open communication standard, no more open than Bluetooth. Poly has a lot of experience here, given his days at Plantronics, so they’ve taken steps to offer a wide range of Bluetooth headphones. This makes it compatible with phones, audio players and laptops. Poly also includes a USB Bluetooth dongle, so if your work computers lack Bluetooth, it’s no longer a problem.

Poly Voyager Fox 2

First, what we consider to be the flagship Poly headphones, the Voyager Focus 2. It’s not the most expensive of their bunch, but it’s the most all-in-one offering and has some impressively advanced technology resulting in one of the best business headphones out there right now.

As the name suggests, this headset is all about the division of labor at hand, without having to worry about distraction from excessively chatty coworkers in the office or unreasonably loud video games next door, thanks to indifferent roommates. This is achieved through Poly’s unique and effective 3-layer Hybrid Noise Cancellation, which allows you to focus fully on the important conversation in question.

Noise-cancelling technology extends to the microphone as well, with what Polly calls a “multi-microphone acoustic fence” that purports to create a noise-free bubble around the user’s mouth, so no outside noise can penetrate. This is one of the few microphones that officially meet the premium microphone requirements for Microsoft Teams Open Office.

Poly – Wireless Headphones

Of course, Bluetooth headphones are wireless, but we’d be remiss if we didn’t include some other differences in wireless technology. Specifically, DECT or Digital Enhanced Wireless Communication. This is the same wireless communication standard used in consumer wireless landlines. You might be puzzled as to why DECT technology is still used when Bluetooth technology is more prevalent these days. There are a few uncommon reasons, but it boils down to three main ones: range, battery life, and sound quality. All three excel in DECT over Bluetooth headphones.

The sound quality and battery life are the best here. For example, a headset that suddenly dies during a consumer use case, such as gaming is just an inconvenience, while in a work environment it may be critical. The same goes for sound quality, a lack of important details in a business meeting can spell disaster. Fortunately, Poly headphones have you covered in this regard with the Savi 8200 Series.

Savi 8200 . series

This is one of Poly’s most customizable options, as it comes in mono, stereo, and switchable styles, allowing the user or company to choose whichever option fits that specific use case the most. In addition, it has three connection modes, allowing connection to a computer, a desktop phone, and a mobile phone. This allows for conferencing on up to two devices simultaneously. This could be a game changer for those of you who like to roam the office while on a call.

Savvy 8200 1

We also like the hot-swappable battery system, with each battery lasting about 13 hours. This means you’ll be covered all day on a single charge, and if you’re working late, you can enjoy functionally unlimited battery life by switching the battery between calls. There are also some additional useful features, such as mute warning and wireless range limit notification.

Poly – wired headphones

Do you fancy pure simplicity, reliability and unlimited uptime? Poly wired headphones may just be the products you need. In addition to the previously mentioned benefits, wired headphones tend to be much cheaper than their wireless counterparts. If your bags are easy to use and simple, we recommend the Blackwire 8225.

Blackwire 8225

The Blackwire 8225 continues Polly’s minimalist design philosophy with a professional aesthetic that manages to avoid the boring look with little applications in red here and there. It features the same audio-fence/noise-cancelling technology as the Voyager, as well as LEDs that show the user’s current status, helping to avoid incoming interruptions. The controls are housed in a neat built-in block, and are easily accessible at all times.

Poly Black Wire 8225

In addition, there are two versions available, USB Type-A and USB Type-C, which helps to avoid the use of adapters and another such. They have gone to great lengths to include a custom teams button. This may sound silly, but given the amount of work from home that still takes place all over the world, it can quickly become a necessity for many people.

Poly Headphones – Final Verdict

Given the importance of connectivity, especially during an ongoing pandemic, the usefulness of a reliable business headset cannot be understated. Fortunately for you, dear reader, Poly headphones are here for you, providing a myriad of headphones suitable for many different applications. They’re also open to company-to-company group orders, so it’s worth a try to get your next office ready.

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