It’s a big year for gaming at CES 2022

Video games weren’t a major attraction at CES, but it’s still a huge week for the gaming world. (Maybe) we won’t see big ads around God of War: Ragnarok, Breath of the Wild 2, or starfield, but you’ll learn about new and updated versions of processors, graphics cards, displays, peripherals, and all the other fun things that make games pop. In order to keep containing the waves of news from the sprawling show, we will be launching some of the most interesting new products and services that the show will release. We’ll update this piece every day as we get more time to consider what’s coming. For now, here are all the CES 2022 game gear that has caught our eye so far.

New laptop graphics cards from Nvidia and AMD

Nvidia and AMD have announced new graphics cards for gaming laptops that will usher in the next wave of gaming laptops. Nvidia has announced laptop versions of its RTX 3070 Ti and RTX 3080 Ti graphics cards. AMD has gone a step further, announcing multiple runs of notebook GPUs: the 6600S and 6700S are for gaming laptops that are thinner and lighter. The 6300M ​​and 6500M are both less powerful cards to allow for better performance in mid-range laptop configurations. Finally, the Radeon RX 6650M, RX 660M XT, and 6850M XT support powerful flagship designs. Many gaming laptops at CES 2022, even the ones we haven’t highlighted, are looking to get major performance boosts for their high-end configurations because of these cards.

Nvidia 3050 and 3090 Ti desktop graphics cards

CES 2022 Game Kit

In a rare move, Nvidia also announced two new desktop graphics cards at CES 2022, supporting the low and very high ends of its GPU lineup. The Nvidia RTX 3050 brings ray tracing and other benefits from the latest cards to a less powerful but also less expensive card. On the other hand, it has ushered in the debut of the RTX 3090 Ti, an upgraded version of its most powerful card that runs in games like butter.

Although they are exciting advertisements, both come with a caveat. Since the release of 30 Series GPUs in late 2020, graphics cards have been nearly impossible to purchase. At a time when many people are paying much higher MSRP for GPUs, even at retail, it’s hard not to look at the ad and ask why Nvidia makes these cards rather than ramping up production over the ones gamers actually want.

Intel Arc laptop graphics cards

CES 2022 Game Kit

Intel has announced that laptop manufacturers are now starting to build machines with the much-anticipated Intel Arc discrete graphics card. According to Intel, there is a long list of OEM gaming laptops including Acer, Asus, Gigabyte, Dell, HP, Lenovo, and MSI running on Arc-powered machines. So far, we’re only aware of one specific laptop that will feature an Arc card, the 16-inch Acer Swift X, but this is likely to change as the year goes on.

Intel also announced more than 20 CPUs, including a full lineup of 12th-generation Alder Lake H-series processors that will improve gaming performance.

PlayStation VR 2

CES 2022 Game Kit

Sony confirmed it’s working on a second-generation PS VR headset to pair with the PlayStation 5: At CES 2022, it confirmed that the headset is officially called PS VR 2 and confirmed some detailed specifications. PS VR 2 will support 4K HDR gameplay at a resolution of 2000 x 2040 per eye, and operate at a frequency between 90-120Hz. (The original PS VR runs at 1080p per eye at the same frame rate.) Sony also confirmed a handful of other details, including the fact that the headset will feature eye-tracking support, as well as PS5 Tempest 3D audio.

Sony also revealed a teaser for the first confirmed PS VR 2 game, The call of the horizon from the mountain. A VR game inspired by the PlayStation-exclusive Horizon franchise, puts you in the shoes of a new character, giving you the chance to “meet” the series’ hero, Aloy, and other characters from the Horizon Zero Dawn and its next sequel, Forbidden horizon west.

HyperX Cloud Alpha Wireless

CES 2022 Game Kit

HyperX, now a subsidiary of HP, makes some of the best gaming peripherals on the market, but I generally wouldn’t describe their products as “flashy”. Their latest gaming headset, the Cloud Alpha Wireless, follows the same approach except for one very interesting case. According to the company, the PC/PlayStation headset will last for up to 300 hours on a single charge. (For reference, I’m happy as a critic any time a headset lasts more than 20 hours.) This is a huge leap, so we’re excited to see it in action.

LG UltraGear 17G90Q Gaming Laptop

Best gaming consoles at CES 2022

LG makes a gaming laptop. The LG UltraGear 17G90Q is a 17-inch laptop with an 11-generation Intel Tiger Lake H CPU and Nvidia 3080 Max-Q GPU, customizable with up to 32GB of RAM and 1TB of storage. LG has been making powerful laptops for quite some time, but this is the first with a serious GPU. Who knows if it’ll be a great machine, but the promising specs could make waves for LG in the gaming laptop space.

LG DualUp . Screen

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Well, this isn’t technically gaming related, strictly speaking, but it is a stranger Like hell as I dig it. LG makes a very large screen of approximately 16:18 area called DualUp. The 2560 x 2880 pixel screen is designed to replace the dual screen setup: Instead of two separate screens, the DualUp can run into a split screen, so it looks like you have two wide screens stacked vertically. With a relatively low brightness, it is definitely not the best gaming monitor, but in a game-like world Final Fantasy 14: Endwalker It can force you to sit and wait for hours to be queued, split screen looks rather attractive.

Samsung M8 Smart Screen

Best gaming consoles at CES 2022

Samsung makes a lot of great TVs and gaming monitors, but the M8 stands out because it will offer the ability to play games via streaming services without a computer. Like previous M-series monitors, the M8 features an operating system similar to a Samsung TV that allows it to use streaming media apps. The M8 adds support for game streaming services, including the ability to connect wireless controllers directly to the screen. (It also features a new SmartThings hub, allowing you to control smart home devices, regardless of your computer.) Of course, it also looks attractive by conventional screen standards at a glance: although Samsung hasn’t released the full specifications yet, it’s an ultra-thin 32-inch 4K display. That’s enough for me to follow up with more info later in the year.

Samsung Odyssey Neo G8 Curved Gaming Monitor

Best CES 2022 gaming consoles

Samsung is also making waves with a traditional gaming monitor. Samsung Odyssey Neo G8, a smaller version of the 49-inch curved Odyssey Neo G9, about the size of the company’s TV, claims to be the industry’s number one. Like the G9 Neo, the Odyssey G8 Neo is a small LED panel with a 1000R intense curve that works up to 240Hz. Unlike the G9, it supports 4K resolution; According to Samsung, this makes it the first 4K/240Hz monitor on the market. Samsung hasn’t released pricing or availability information yet, but it’s safe to assume it won’t come cheap.

Samsung Gaming Hub

Best gaming consoles at CES 2022

Samsung is also generally expanding its commitment to supporting gaming in its TVs with a new Smart TV “Game Center” to allow gamers to navigate all the gaming options available through their screen. Like the current Smart TV offerings of media streaming services, the Game Center will let you pick and choose what you want to play from a single user interface, rather than switching between platforms. The service appears to be largely focused on streaming options, with support for Nvidia GeForce Now, Google Stadia, and Utomik. However, your consoles will also have a place in the hub, as well as gaming-focused video from YouTube Gaming. The Samsung Gaming Hub will be launched on select (read: some) 2022 Samsung TVs.

Samsung also has some small, but specifically gamer-friendly hardware upgrades coming to its 2022 TV lineup, including models with a 144Hz variable refresh rate, AMD FreeSync support for gaming PCs, and high-end models where every HDMI port supports HDMI 2.1. (For more information on Samsung and other new TVs, we have a separate listing for the CES 2022 TV.)

HP Omen 45L Gaming Desktop

Best gaming consoles at CES 2022

HP has a very large portfolio of equipment releasing across several gaming lines, Omen, TK and maker of HyperX peripherals. Of all they have on offer, we’re most interested in the high-end HP Omen 45L desktop, which features top-of-the-line specs and the new “Cryo Chamber” cooling system. The Omen 45L features powerful specs, including an Intel 12th-Gen i9-12900K CPU, an Nvidia 2080 Ti graphics card, up to 32GB of RAM and 1TB of NvME storage. But what matters to us is cooling: the 45-liter engine features “Cryo Chamber” cooling, which places the computer radiator outside the main chassis to provide extra cold airflow. HP claims that the cooling system results in a quieter and cooler gaming PC.

JBL Quantum TWS Wireless Earphones

Best gaming consoles at CES 2022

It’s usually not a good idea to use earphones as a replacement for gaming headsets. The delay from the Bluetooth connection is usually enough to put a player off their game. JBL is trying to solve this little mystery with its first “gaming” wireless earbuds, the Quantum TWS, which features both Bluetooth and a 2.4GHz wireless dongle. It should be noted that JBL is not the first to take this approach, but it may be the first to offer a truly viable option. Based on their previous Quantum headphones, especially the flagship Quantum One, it’s worth keeping an eye on.

Speaking of which, JBL also has three new Quantum headphones on the way, as well as a mic made for Twitch, the JBL Quantum Stream.

Hyte Keeb SR65 mechanical keyboard

Best gaming consoles at CES 2022

Hyte, iBuyPower’s new custom-made computer hardware and components division, is expanding to PC gaming peripherals at CES 2022. The company’s first mechanical keyboard, the Keeb SR65, has a transparent base that shows off adaptive RGB lighting…and that’s all we know . Despite the lack of information, the keyboard has amazing aesthetics with great media controls and a futuristic ambiance that differentiates itself from a lot of keyboards we’ve seen over the past couple of years.


In addition to the actual products the show will release, several companies are creating “concept” devices meant to show what might be possible in the not-too-distant future. Occasionally, these ideas turn into actual shipping products, but most of the time they’re just meant to get people excited about what’s around the corner.

Alienware Nyx concept

Best gaming consoles at CES 2022

Alienware has reintroduced a conceptual gaming feature called Concept Nyx, which would allow a powerful PC to stream games to any screen in your home. Based on reports from The Verge, Gizmodo, and others, the Nyx allows you to play games on a variety of connected displays, and switch from your computer screen to TV on the go. Nyx will also allow one device to play up to four games on different screens. (Assuming it’s paired with a machine powerful enough to run four games.) The Nyx feels like a mid-point between Steam’s Remote Play, which lets you stream a game from one computer to another over your home network and streaming services like Stadia and Amazon Luna. It might take very powerful hardware to support a family full of gamers, but it’s a great idea nonetheless.

Razer Project Sophia Computer Gaming Desk

CES 2022 Game Kit

If gaming chairs are currently rising in the public eye, gaming desks are the next wave. There are actually quite a few of them out there. Most of them are desks that are simply designed to go well with a gaming PC setup. In true “gear concept” fashion, Razer’s Project Sophia takes the idea of ​​a gaming desk to the logical limit – a modular gaming device in the form of a desk with a computer and a built-in monitor, along with any other add-ons you might need. It’s almost as silly as the dedicated gaming booth concepts we’ve seen at CES past (and present), but I’m also interested in seeing gaming desks with more gaming-focused features.