Corsair One a200 gaming computer review

Corsair is replacing the trend with several prebuilt PCs, instead offering a high-performance package in a small, compact package as many opt for a more standard mid-tower. The Corsair One a200 tablet is no less an exciting offering, combining the latest AMD Ryzen and Nvidia GeForce technologies in a surprisingly stylish and well-managed package that’s no bigger than a breadbasket.

If you’re familiar with Corsair’s compact lineup, you’ll know that looks can be deceiving. This isn’t Corsair’s first attempt at a compact gaming PC, and we’ve previously ranked its compact hardware as some of the best gaming PCs, whether compact or not. Its 20 x 17.3 x 38cm size seems to have very little effect on the performance of these computers – the new and improved a200’s specs list is just as tasty as it should be.