Clean your computer

I will admit from the start. The reason I am writing this guide on how to clean your computer is because my computer is in some condition. Worse country than PC builds itself? Maybe. A fan, or perhaps a fan, started making the kind of grinding noise that takes away the feature of my morning coffee. The slapping on the top of the can seemed to loosen it up a bit, although it would eventually get me bitten in the ass, I know. I’m just not able to do much of the first thing when I settle into the morning meeting, grab a big cup of coffee in my hand.

Your next device

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Can’t be bothered to clean your device? Just buy a new one, I won’t judge you.
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I blame Covid-19 for this unfortunate condition. My temporary office space means that my pride and joy, my Threadripper system, is now on a carpeted floor in what was once my dining room. I am well aware that this is a bad thing. You don’t have to be angry with my device. But there’s not much I can do about it, as my home has become my office, and I now have five computers crammed around one desk. There is no space on the desk itself, and while there is a side unit that I can use, it is packed with hardware I need to test.