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Sitting at your gaming desk in front of your gaming monitor might be the way most PC gamers play, but unless you have a great machine with a solid desk and ergonomic gaming chair, that might not compare to relaxing comfort. Your couch for some casual games. The problem is that when you go to the couch, you suddenly can’t use your gaming keyboard and gaming mouse like you used to. At least, not unless you have a laptop desk.

Laptops allow you to relax on your sofa while still having an efficient battle station, giving you the best of couch and office gaming. The main components of a laptop are a tray for the keyboard on your lap and an area on the side of the mouse. Some of our picks have keyboards built in, others have more room for a mouse, and some wrap all around you, so they’re not resting on your legs. You can find quite a lot of options that allow you to use your laptop for gaming on it. So, if you’re ready to use your glossy 4K TV for some keyboard and mouse gaming, check out these excellent laptop options.

tl; DR – These are the best gaming laptops:

1. Razer Turret for Xbox One

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Whether you have a gaming PC or an Xbox X set up in your media center (or maybe both!), the Razer Turret for Xbox One is a top-notch partner on hand. This desk is small in size but will still be comfortable and stable on your lap. It offers a mechanical keyless keyboard with RBG illumination, room to rest your palm, and a retractable mouse pad. Factor in the included mouse, long-lasting durability, and a great 11 hours of gameplay (with the lights on) you’ll realize how much value Razer offers here.

This keyboard and mouse pair with 2.4GHz dongle uses adaptive frequency technology to avoid congestion and maintain a strong connection even if other Wi-Fi devices are working nearby. The Razer Turret is an efficient plug-and-play solution, which is hard to beat. Razer even thought about what happens when you have to take your hand off the mouse to type, so the mouse is gently depressed by the magnets in the mouse mat. The keyboard features a dedicated Xbox key for faster access to the Home screen, and surprisingly the keys don’t sit in recess allowing more lights to shine through, but they are still very powerful. Don’t worry about losing support for this keyboard, it has supported all major console updates.

2. Corsair K63 Labboard

Best Labdesk Games

Cosbed K63 Lab Board

Even though the Corsair K63 Lapboard is a few years old, it’s still a perfectly adequate laptop for gaming. Corsair basically built a laptop around the K63’s keyboard, and we can’t blame it for this simple solution. This puts a very capable wireless mechanical keyboard into a form factor that you can easily sit on your couch. For added comfort, the bottom of the desk is equipped with memory foam cushions.

You can get Cherry MX switches on for stable input. Anti-ghosting and N-key rollover are also available. With backlight, Corsair K63 Lapboard can also work in dark place. A laptop desk offers some extra space for your palm and wrist, and it has a spacious mouse section. The ultra-fast 2.4GHz wireless technology works with ridiculous ease right out of the box and Bluetooth 4.2 works great. Just make sure to pair this with a merchandise Wireless gaming mouse for the best preparation. Overall, the responsiveness, elegant design and decent battery make it a great choice for gaming.

3. Couchmaster Cycon2

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Couchmaster Cycon2

If your sofa is the most comfortable seat in your home, why would you want to sit in a different seat to play or get work done? With the Couchmaster Cycon2, you don’t have to. The Couchmaster Cycon2 is designed to let you snuggle up on your sofa. They’re perfect for resting with large cushions that stay at your side and double as armrests while letting a large desktop stretch out in front of you. If you decide to switch your seating preferences to an armchair, the arm support cushions can be easily adjusted or removed.

The desktop has plenty of space for a full-size keyboard and mouse pad, so you can drag over your favorite gaming peripherals. The kit also includes a USB hub with six USB 3.0 ports for connecting a keyboard, mouse, and other peripherals (possibly a wireless gaming headset). The USB hub has extra power to ensure there are no issues when connecting more power-hungry devices. The top includes slots to help you manage your mouse and keyboard cables, allowing you to keep your setup tidy. It also has pockets on the side, so you can easily move your TV remote control there. Perhaps it’s time to invest in your comfort with the Couchmaster Cycon2.

4. Couchmaster Cybot

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Coachmaster Cybot

Some laptops are designed to help you use the keyboard on your couch or lounge chair, but that design itself isn’t very useful when trying to play on a laptop on your couch. Enter the Couchmaster Cybot. This desk gives you a little fight on the couch. It puts pillows at your sides and extends your desktop in between, giving you room for your laptop and mouse. The cushions can be adjusted or removed as easily as the Couchmaster Cycon2. Not only does this setup keep the gaming station stable while you play, but it also keeps the weight off your legs and the wrist pads provide some extra comfort.

Couchmaster Cybot actually offers some additional useful features. There is a slot on the right side that can hold a tablet or phone in case you’re following a game guide or have a chat app open on a separate device. There’s also mesh ventilation to allow the laptop to draw in fresh air and stay cool. The Couchmaster has also installed a few pockets on the side so you can store accessories at any time. Just keep in mind that this ladesk is best for 17 inch and smaller atops.

5. Xdesk Flex

Best sofa standing desk

Xdesk Flex

Lapboards are great and all, but most either lock you into the seat for long distances or rest on your legs and thus move when you move. Enter Xdesk Flex. This may not be a laptop desk in the traditional sense, but it can do the same job while still allowing you more mobility.

It’s actually a convertible standing desk, but it has a low base that you can slide under the sofa. So, let’s say you are tired of sitting and want to work on your posture, just raise the desk. Then, when standing gets old, you can easily lower the desk to a comfortable sitting height. It moves as well, so you don’t have to worry about losing your favorite gaming keyboard and mouse in the process. With a 30″ x 24″ deck and a support up to 100lbs, the Xdesk Flex will give you more room to work than other portable panels and is extremely sturdy.

6. Couchmaster Cyworx

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coachmaster sewers

If you like what you saw with the Couchmaster Cybot but want something a little less “game”, you’ll love the Couchmaster Cyworx. This is almost the same product, but the Couchmaster gave it a makeover that lets you turn your sofa into your very own cozy little cabin. Instead of a black and camouflage Cybot design, the Cybot Lapboard has heather gray cushions and a natural bamboo worktop.

Pillows on the sides serve two purposes, providing armrests and elevating the work surface above your lap for a higher position. The board itself includes wrist pads for comfort, and has room for 17-inch laptops as well as a large mouse pad (Couchmaster included). The board also has ventilation to allow the laptop to draw in more air and stay cool while you work. And if you want more screen space, the built-in slot can easily hold the tablet on the side of the laptop. There are also handy pouches for storing accessories, power cables, and a mouse. At a time when everyone seems to be working from home, a laptop desk like this might be the accessory you need.

7. Couchmaster Lapboard²

Best laptop disk for wired gaming

Couchmaster Lapboard²

If you love the general look of other Couchmaster products but don’t need special cushions to complete your setup, perhaps for a chair instead of a sofa, the Couchmaster Lapboard² will help you work comfortably in your living room. And it can help you avoid the clutter of wires running between your sofa and your TV throughout the room.

Couchmaster Lapboard² takes the gaming deck in Cycon 2 and offers it as a standalone product. This gives you plenty of room with plenty of room for a full keyboard as well as a large mouse pad. At the top of the laptop desk, you’ll find cable routing holes for mouse and keyboard cables to pass through, so you won’t have to worry about ripping them off the front of the board. The board also acts as a six-port USB 3.0 hub, so you can connect major gaming peripherals directly to your computer desk and run a single USB cable between the gaming station and your PC.

8. LapGear Lap Desk

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Lab gear lab office

Sometimes you want something simple, powerful, and comfortable that you can put on your laptop or keyboard while you relax. LapGear Lap Desk is just that, and very affordable too. The pillow on it conforms to your lap, so you can sit or lie in your most comfortable position while keeping everything you loaded on top of the desk in place. It’s heavily padded, so even if you stuff the surface to edge, you shouldn’t feel any fatigue on your legs. And with so many fabric options, you can find the one that best suits your aesthetic.

You can have a decent sized desktop with LapGear Lap Desk. It holds laptops up to 15.6 inches, and there’s a stopper at the end of the desk to ensure the laptop doesn’t slide around when it’s in a corner. There’s even a slot on the top to house your phone and a strap to hold a laptop or tablet. And the flat, smooth desktop prevents electronic devices from overheating as if you were holding them in your lap. This isn’t the most luxurious or most ergonomically designed lap desk, but it’s a great choice for someone who wants to escape their regular desk or set them up for gaming every now and then.

What are you looking for in Labdesk

For the most part, choosing a laptop desk that’s right for you is easy and often a process of finding what’s most comfortable for you. It’s all about personal preference. Since most portable boards sit on your lap, you will need to find something that is relatively lightweight or able to support itself with legs. If you have a laptop desk that sits atop your legs, you probably want something with a small cushion so you don’t have a flat table that stresses you for hours.

Another comfort criterion to consider is how spacious your laptop desk should be. You should buy one that is wide enough to balance properly in your lap even if your legs are wide. What’s more, your larger playing area will also allow your hands to sit further apart at a comfortable distance. When playing, you always want your arms to be wide apart and a spacious portable desk will allow you to do that. Other considerations include how much surface area is required, whether you want USB or power options, and if a bundled keyboard might be something you’re interested in.

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