Best cheap gaming PCs in 2022

Building a high-end gaming device can easily cost a few thousand dollars, and pre-built models are often at the end of the pricing spectrum due to the convenience factor. But there are plenty of cheap gaming PCs out there that can run modern games at decent settings and still achieve smooth frame rates.

To help make your entry into PC gaming simpler, we’ve researched several manufacturers and hardware settings to find the best cheap gaming PCs you can buy right now. Our picks range from around $500 to just under $1,500. $1,500 might sound expensive, but given that you can easily spend double or triple that on a top-tier gaming machine — and in some cases on the graphics card alone — that range is as low as possible if you want gaming performance.

The computers we picked aren’t designed for 4K gaming, and some have little internal storage and RAM. This will limit the number of games you can install and how quickly they can load, and make streaming and content creation more difficult — especially if you’re playing and recording gameplay at the same time. Most low-end PCs can’t handle VR well either.

However, going for a gaming device on a budget is a viable option for first-time PC buyers and people on a strict budget. These computers will perform better when playing games at 1080p, and a few of them can handle games at 1440p at decent frame rates. You can also upgrade the specs on some of these models if you have the cash to spare. Just note that none of the computers on our list come with a monitor and only a few include a mouse and keyboard, so be sure to factor these additional costs into your budget as well.

(Note that availability of these devices can vary due to an ongoing shortage of chips, among other factors.)