Best Android Emulator for PC Games in 2022

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About the Best Android Emulator for Games on PC

There are many reasonable reasons why someone would want to run Android emulators on their PC. App developers may find it difficult to test their app before submitting it. Gamers may want to use a mouse and keyboard for their games. Maybe you just want him to be around to get it. Anyway, emulating Android on PC is possible and much easier than it used to be. Perhaps you are working on an Android app and want to test it on a computer instead of a mobile device. Not only can you do this with any of these Android emulators, but you can also simulate various screen sizes and phone variants so you can see how it behaves under different conditions.

A few old favorites left the room or became unusable at some point (Andy, AmiduOS, Leapdroid), but everything else here should be fine for most people. You probably already know what an emulator is: an application that runs eligible software for one platform on another. What you may not know is which emulator you should be using to play Android games on your PC. There are a lot of them, and you can spend a lot of time configuring each emulator to find the best one.

Here is a list of the best Android Emulators for gaming on PC

blue chimneys

The focus on gaming is most evident when you first launch the program. Instead of seeing the typical Android home screen, as you do with other Android emulators, you’re presented with rows of apps, mostly games, except for those in the “Media & Messages” category.

The dedicated BlueStacks home screen is confusing and frustrating. At first glance, it looks like you have all of these apps installed, but clicking on one of the app’s thumbnails takes you to Google Play, where you can install the app. There is no way to clearly see which apps you have installed on the home screen and which ones are only suggested by BlueStacks.


LDPlayer is a virtual device with Android 7.1 (if we are talking about version 4) on board, running in the application shell. So, from now on, you can perform almost all the actions on the emulator as on a regular Android device. Even the notification curtain is in place.

You can run and install system apps and games. To achieve this, you can either transfer the APK file to LDPlayer, use one of the pre-installed applications, or find what you need by searching. You will also need permission on your Google account.

game episode

When PUBG Mobile started spreading, many players started using Android Emulators to play the game on the desktop to get an added advantage over the mobile gamers. This is starting to hamper the gaming experience for many mobile gamers, as it is still easier to target a mouse than it is with smartphone touch controls.

Gameloop is an easy to use Android emulator that only does one thing well and that is play. If you want an Android emulator that can boost your productivity, MEMU or Bluestacks might be a better choice for you. Having said that, Gameloop plays better than any Android emulator. Gameloop is the official emulator for PUBG Mobile, Call of Duty mobile and many other games as well.


NoxPlayer brings you a version of the Android 9 operating system, which makes interacting with games very simple. Settings give you options to set keystrokes such as Android gestures or connecting a USB or Bluetooth gamepad are also supported.

NoxPlayer is a solution for a specialized subset of Windows users who also want to play Android games. However, it offers those users a great and easy way to access this facility with little to no hassle. Download NoxPlayer and install the software and then sign in to Google Play.

android studio emulator

Android Studio Emulator is a smart and compatible Android Emulator that allows you to complete advanced code, analyze code and also rebuild. Android Studio is the official Android development suite, bringing together all the elements of the app creation process. This free development kit features a code editor, virtual Android emulator, and code templates, and aims to provide a simplified service for app creators.

Android Studio significantly increases development time, which means that the complex creation of interesting applications focuses more on the creative side rather than dealing with a number of separate systems. Android has always been a community-focused company, but with this release, the world of app development is more open than ever.


Another unique ability of Andy is that it allows you to use your Android phone as a remote control, mirroring Andy’s screen on your phone. This is a huge benefit when playing games like Asphalt 8, so you can tilt your phone and use the touch screen to move around, rather than having to tilt your entire laptop (which would be difficult if your device didn’t have a touch screen). detachable screen). ).

Andy offers some great additional features for integrating Android with Windows. You can launch Android apps from shortcuts on the Windows desktop, copy files between Android and Windows via a shared folder and ES File Explorer, and receive Android push notifications on Windows.


Memu is a fairly new Android Emulator for PC in the market created by Microvirt. Its main audience targets the Android gaming community with the advantage of playing popular mobile games on PC. Memu even claims that it is better than Bluestacks, which as of Bluestacks 3 is not too difficult to do.

The home screen shows a generic wallpaper, nothing fancy. Navigating the emulator is easy. The Google Play Store is included, along with the Settings app and ES File Explorer to manage your files. Various menu items are displayed on the right side of the interface, such as keyboard mapping, full screen option, one-click installation of APK files, etc.

Phoenix OS

Phoenix OS Android Emulator for PC is an alternative to Bluestacks for PC based on Android 7.1 and is known to have the simplest user interface than other Bluestacks alternatives available today. Phoenix OS is well-known for its ability to enable you to play most of the Android games on PC and Mac.

This feature is very handy and useful as Phoenix OS Android Emulator for PC allows you to open multiple windows of different (or similar) applications so that you can perform different tasks in different applications. For example, write a note while chatting. Phoenix OS Android Emulator for PC comes with a complete start menu like Windows 10 along with a dedicated file manager.

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