Basic Slime Keeper Guide: Farming, Fighting and Uses

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Core Keeper is the indie survival game that’s all the hype right now. Those who run the game will face their number one enemy in Core Keeper, slimes. Slimes are a very important part of the game whose presence, loot and spawn play a role in the game’s early difficulty and economy. We’ll guide you through the enemies of Core Keeper Slime and give you all the information you need to know.

Core Keeper: Slimes Fighting and Looting Guide

Red and pointy slime you don’t like very much.

The first thing you should know is that Slimes are the first enemies you will come across. It’s not too difficult either, which is good news. Most of the monsters you encounter at the beginning of the game are already neutral, and they feature their usual orange bodies as they merrily jump around the caves. However, there are stones with jagged edges rather than super quality, and they will attack you if you get close to some blocks.

When you’re done fighting Slimes in Core Keeper, there’s a tactic you’ll want to know. These mobs tend to have a terminator attack, rushing into your situation. When it rushes you can easily avoid it and avoid any damage. If you take damage, the main character can survive three hits before dying. Note, you will find that this is the skill move of the slime boss, which you can use a similar strategy to beat.

When you kill Slime on Core Keeper, you can get many rewards. One of them is the actual slime component. When you start making more advanced items, this item can be used and processed into items. So, collect them because they are useful.

The other ingredient of Slimes in Core Kepper is Heart Berry Seeds. These are very nice, because they are probably the first source for creating an early food farm in a cave. This will be important for food that polishes your character and survival while you are trapped in caves.

Slime Core Keeper as crafting reagent

You may ask what do slimes do? The answer is very much. Alchemy Lab is an important part of the puzzle of Slimes. You can do a Tin Workbench and then a chemistry lab. You can use these different planting materials to create potions, with Slimes being used in almost all potions.

Three slimes and three hearty berries make for a healing potion, while grub meat and saliva meat make infuriating potions. You can even make slime bombs with Bomb Peppers. These items will be useful for getting rid of a variety of enemies, clearing caves with ease, and healing in the midst of combat.

How to grow Slimes in Core Keeper

As you can see, Slimes are very useful; So, how can you grow it effectively? Throughout the cavernous world of Core Keeper, you will come across a variety of slime chambers. Slime can only breed in rooms covered with a layer of ground mud, a type of slime material that inhabits the Pacific Ocean. When you kill the slime, they will eventually multiply as long as there is a big ball of slime in a small area.

You can use this to your advantage if you need to farm Slimes. You can either keep a mental note of a large area of ​​mud, or you can pick it up with a shovel. Right click on the sticky floor with the bucket, you can pick up the sticky floor and place the stock. You can then place it on your Hotbar and then spread it on a floor of your choice.

What this allows you to do is create your own slime room. Clear a large part of the cave, enter a doorway and then put a door and keep those demons in the room. This way, you can come back later, and you should have your own slime farm, ready to harvest.

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