5 Best Surge Protection Tools for Gaming PCs in 2022

Nothing is more fun than suffering from a power outage during a heated online battle, nothing but when a power outage causes demand, frying up an expensive gaming device, and ruining an entire month of gaming versus one night. The easiest way to prevent this scenario is by using a simple surge protector.

It is recommended to replace the surge protector every two years. It is ideal to check any surge protectors after any big storm to see if it can still protect any electronics connected to it. Not all surge protectors inform users of this, but a cheap surge protection tester can.

The most important part of a surge protector is its protection. Surge protectors are rated in joules. This rating determines how strong an electrical impulse can take but is a cumulative rating. Therefore, if a surge protector is rated for 1000 Joules, it can require a 1000 Joule surge or 10 100 Joule increments. A rating between 1,000 and 2,000 joules is recommended. While some people may feel the need for more protection, others may feel that it is not necessary to prepare them.

The next thing to watch out for is the warranty. Several factors go into ensuring surge protection. The first is the warranty period. Some warranties go beyond two years, but most are between 18 months and two years. The other is price protection. Some surge protectors offer a warranty on the electronics up to a certain price point if you can prove that the protector caused the damage. Buying the longest and most expensive warranty does nothing if it is not registered.

Other factors are more about preferences. Additional features such as the number of AC and USB ports, power cable length, and LED indicators for power, current, or grounding can also add value for some users. Some surge protectors are remotely controlled.

Here are the best surge protection tools for gaming PCs in 2021.

Best overall surge protection

Anker surge protector

Anker Image via Amazon

This surge protector functions as not one but two separate surge protectors with ratings of 4000 Joules. While it cannot withstand an 8000 joule theoretical impulse, it can require 4,000 joule increments, but most increments do not exceed 1,000 joules. This means less time to replace projectors and more gaming time. It has LEDs to see if it is properly grounded as well as if any of the dual surge protectors are faulty.

It also comes with a decent warranty, which is highly recommended for any surge protector. 18 months You can feel a little shy about the recommended 2 year replacement. Users in areas with a lot of electrical surges may need to replace them more often.

Best smart surge protector

APC Smart Plug Wi-Fi Power Strip

APC Image via Amazon

For those who want a remote setup, this surge protector has three AC outlets and two USB ports that are individually controlled by Amazon Echo or the home APC app. There is no need for a control center, and it only needs a Wi-Fi connection to be programmed. APC smart plug is designed for remote control of computer, lights, fans or any other office electronics.

It also has a second pair of three AC outlets and two always working USB ports for any other needs. These are perfect for phone chargers or for the office enthusiast that should always be left on. Rated at 2,160 Joules, there’s not much to worry about any surge caused by storms.

Best surge protector for large sockets

Belkin Surge Power Strip Protector – 8 Rotating Outlets & 4 Fixed AC Outlets

Belkin Image via Amazon

While having several AC outlets is always a positive thing, it is completely useless if large sockets are blocking outlets. The Belkin rotary surge protector is useful for setups with multiple large sockets. Its eight swivel ports can be configured in such a way as to optimize the plug setup. Rated at 4,320 Joules, the Belkin Rotary Guard can protect powerful electronics.

It can be easily attached to the wall and from there it can rotate the outlets as needed. While it does not come with a USB charger, it does come with a docking station, allowing it to be placed behind a desk and off the floor.

The best space-saving surge protector

DoubleYI 12-Port Power Strip Surge Protector

DoubleYI Image via Amazon

When the area is low, it may be best to have a vertical surge protector. This DoubleYI model is perfect on top of a desk or under a tight workspace. It’s rated at just 1050 Joules, providing enough protection for most modest gaming settings.

With 12 AC outlets and five USB ports, this mini tower can really pack a punch. It has a 6-foot power cable and comes with two power switches: one for USB and one for AC outlets, so it can power on what’s needed when needed.

Best budget surge protector

AmazonBasics 12-Outlet Power Strip Surge Protector

Image via amazon

For those on a tight budget who can use a cheap surge protector, the AmazonBasics surge protector is the best for its price. It has 12 ports, four of which are spaced on the outside of the power strip for any larger sockets. With a 4,320 Joule rating, this surge protector should withstand many storms.

The AmazonBasics 12-port surge protector is light on the price and a little light on the extra features. By choosing an 8-foot or 10-foot cable, it can reach far beyond expensive surge protectors. It comes with a single reset button and no USB ports, but for the price of 12 ports, its simplicity can’t be beat.

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