How to change the charging sound of your iPhone

Every iPhone or iPad user knows the sound their device makes when charging begins. It’s simple, letting you know your gadget is connected, and doing its job well. But it’s… boring. However, you can change the regular audio signal and add another level of personalization to your phone or tablet – if you know where … Read more

Daily power: mmWave error

David Amell / Android Authority 5G mmWave Antenna ☕ Good morning! It is a serene Easter day, many parts of the world have a holiday. But, there are a lot of good reads… mmWave problems The bad old mmWave technology just doesn’t get any better. A year ago I wrote daily power Consider a report … Read more

Best Sports Game on Android in 2022

Sports games often get badly damaged, thanks to abusive monetization used by companies like Electronic Arts and 2K. Today’s report ignores the blatant mobile money grabs to offer something a little different. We’ve handpicked the best Android games that are really worth playing, with a hand-picked list of sports that offer fair prices and gameplay … Read more

M1 Mac Thunderbolt 4 ports mostly don’t support 10Gb/s

Professional M1 Mac users report disappointing transfer speeds with external SSDs, and tests seem to show that most M1 Mac Thunderbolt ports do not support USB 3.1 Gen 2 – which means they don’t provide the 10Gbit/s maximum transfer speeds that would Expected from Thunderbolt 4. Tests were conducted on the 2021 16-inch MacBook Pro … Read more

Pegasus has indirectly targeted US iPhones; 10 Downing Street too

The NSO Pegasus spyware indirectly targeted US iPhones, even though the company prevents customers from infecting phones with US SIM cards. Devices belonging to Catalan politicians and others have also been infected, and the Spanish government is suspected of being responsible. In addition, it was discovered that a network-connected device at 10 Downing Street – … Read more

Mobile by Peak Design Product Brief Report: Best Mounting System for Samsung, Google and Appleهواتف

Finding and buying a smartphone is easy compared to figuring out which accessories are best for you. There are many case options and other accessories that help you create the ultimate smartphone experience. In late 2020, we spent some time with several early experimental products from Peak Design. These products worked well with the Apple … Read more

Does Bringing Your Own Device (BYOD) prevent companies from maximizing the value of a mobile phone?

While smartphones have become increasingly important to workforce productivity and flexibility over the past couple of years, most companies continue to take a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) approach, rather than providing smartphones to their employees. But a new study from Samsung and Oxford Economics finds that BYOD may cost businesses in the long run … Read more

Gurman: Apple still working on HomePod and Apple TV with FaceTime camera

Apple is still working on a new HomePod product that combines a speaker with the functionality of an Apple TV and a FaceTime camera, according to Trust Bloomberg Journalist Mark Gorman. In the Q&A section of his recent Power On newsletter, Gurman said he “absolutely” believes that “a new HomePod is coming and likely to … Read more