iPhone 14: five reasons why the notch clearly stays

I’ve been thinking about the notch a lot in recent days, ever since I saw the news that the iPhone 14 might have the old ‘pill and punch’ design. I’m not talking about the notion that the new iPhone will do away with the notch altogether; We’ve heard that rumor for a few years, ever … Read more

After the Galaxy S22, we expect to see these Samsung devices next

The Samsung Galaxy S22 line. Lisa Eadicicco/CNET We’re not even halfway through 2022, but it’s already been a busy year for Samsung. The company began by introducing the Galaxy S21 FE in January just before the Galaxy S22 series launch in February. also launched three new tablets and a lineup of Galaxy Book laptops before … Read more

Keymander 2 Mobile improves your mobile games when it works

This was originally going to be a markedly more negative practical review. I spent weeks trying to get Keymander 2 Mobile to work reliably, or at all, and it just refused to do it. However, after a recent firmware update, at least part of your problem has been fixed. Now it’s a finicky and expensive … Read more

Best MicroSD Cards for Android Devices in 2022

While most microSD cards look similar, key differences set them apart. Some of them are simple, like capacity or maximum read and write speeds, but others are more nuanced, like endurance and I/O operations per second. These little features can add up to a microSD card that won’t slow down your phone, or will if … Read more

4 reasons why Pixel’s Material You is better than Samsung’s One UI

For years, as fans of Android smartphones, we’ve loved and maybe hated the visual differences between each manufacturer’s user interface (UI) or skin. Although Google develops Android, what consumers see in Pixel phones is something else entirely. With Android 12 and the Pixel 6 series, Google gave us the Material You skin. Samsung also has … Read more

The best techniques to start

Rocket League Sideswipe is a pocket version of Rocket League, and it’s surprisingly good. A well-tuned side-scroller version that’s perfect for mobile play, bringing the popular competitive game to our phones and tablets in a slimmed-down format. Even if you’re a veteran Rocket League player on console/PC, pursuing precise mechanical control while finding flashy new … Read more