Download Wordle to play it offline

The entire Wordle game with all its future answers can be downloaded easily. Sarah Teo / CNET Word – The daily free online game where you get it Six guesses To learn a five-letter word – it exploded in popularity in late 2021, and conquered the bewildering world. Sweden took the honors as the best … Read more

Use Apple Notes to its full potential with these tips

The Notes app is an infrequently used tool on the iPhone. It is a free product developed by Apple and is available on iPhone, iPad, and Mac. Thanks to iCloud, you can seamlessly work on notes across your Apple devices. Although they are for iPhones, many of these tips can be used on the Notes … Read more

Apple @ Work: If I sign in to a Managed Apple ID on a personal device, can my work access personal information?

Apple @ Work brought to you by Kandji, the MDM solution designed exclusively for organizations running on Apple. Kandji is a modern, cloud-based platform to centrally manage and secure your Mac, iPhone, iPad and Apple TV, providing IT teams with endless hours of manual work with features like one-click compliance templates and over 150 pre-made … Read more

Tech Works revives the dreams of Jordanian inventors

Credit: Pixabay/CC0 Public Domain In the age of COVID, Jordanian mechanical engineer Saliba Tuaima thought about how to deal with one contaminated surface daily: escalator handrails in shopping malls and transportation hubs. He created a device to sterilize her with ultraviolet light – and that’s where TechWorks stepped in. A wealth of ideas would not … Read more

Four Apple Devices You Shouldn’t Buy Right Now—New Models Are Coming

New Apple products are expected to be announced at the company’s “Peek Performance” event on March 8, so potential customers should now stop buying at least four Apple devices currently available until the updated models are released. Based on reports from reliable sources over the past two years, Apple is expected to announce replacements for … Read more

6 Reasons Why Your Next iPad Should Be Cellular

A cellular iPad can combine the power of a laptop with smartphone connectivity, and it all comes in an ultra-portable package. iPads have really grown in the past few years. It’s much more than just Netflix devices. Whether you’re using your iPad for fun or for increased productivity, choosing a cellular model lets you turn … Read more

Click! I’ll take that old iPhone slideshower any day | lifestyles

I have somehow found myself in a job where it is my primary duty to be in charge of a collection of audiovisual equipment for a true God-honest library. Well, not exactly responsible. No one would be stupid enough to hire someone like me for a job like that, but I am responsible for figuring … Read more